Sunderlands Bungalow

Program: Residential Refurbishment
Location: Sawston, Cambridge
Area: 1,600 ft2

Status: Completed, 2021 Client: Confidential
Builder: Gabor Romsics

Photo Credit: David Valinsky

Sunderlands Bungalow is a residential refurbishment for a young university researcher who purchased her first home in Sawston, Cambridge.

We were tasked to reimagine and revitalize a four-bedroom property that had been extended in an ad hoc manner by multiple owners over time, and was in desperate need for an overarching spatial strategy. We began by studying the existing floorplan carefully, and asked ourselves - what is the smallest possible move that we can make to achieve the biggest possible transformation? Our strategy was rather simple - to keep work and cost to their absolute minimal, we largely kept the existing floorplan the same but instead strategically inserted a series of sculptural, deep skylights across the entire roofscape. By doing so, we were able to funnel natural lighting efficiently and effectively into an otherwise very deep and unusable floorplan.

Original conditions:

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