Loom Club

Program: Hospitality
Location: Islington, London
Area: 500 m2
Status: Completed, 2024
Client: Loom Club Islington Ltd.
Builder: Metcalf Comercial Decorators Ltd.
Photo Credit: Ed Reeve, David Vanlisky

Loom Club is a new neighbourhood members club in Islington, London.

Loom Club, was created to address the sense of isolation that many millennials face in today's fast-paced world. Despite living in an era of hyperconnectivity, people often feel more disconnected from their neighbours than ever before. Established by two Londoners looking to combat this issue, Loom Club aims to provide a variety of spaces under a single roof and all within walking distance from the homes of its members.
Their first site is located within an Art Deco style, industrial building home to a range of creatives including architects, chefs, dancers, designers, and shoe-makers. Featuring a social, fitness and coworking hub spread across two floors, the space is designed to encourage chance encounters among members and to promote the well-being of the user community. We were enlisted to execute the architectural and interior design scope of the project as well as design the wayfinding for the space. The brief was to design a flexible environment that could serve different purposes throughout the day and evening, with features that encourage interaction and adaptability.

Our approach centred on retaining the building's industrial character while introducing modern elements to create a comfortable and functional space. We strategically opted to reclad only where necessary, up to 2.3 metres above the finished floor. Everything above this point, including the ceiling, was left untouched. This approach not only reduced material and labour costs, but also exposed a series of marks and imperfections. We began referring to these traces as ‘ghosts of the past,’ recognising them as visible reminders of the building's transformation over time.
We used a system of curtains to divide the space into zones, allowing for easy reconfiguration based on the needs of the members. The curtains, crafted with varying degrees of opacity, provide visual and acoustic separation while adding a unique aesthetic element to the design. Each of these zones is paired with a unique set of furniture that offers a variety of seating options for members to use according to their individual preferences.

The material palette was driven by a conscious effort to use natural low carbon materials when possible. In an effort to embrace and complement the existing industrial character of the building, we exposed the original brickwork and paired it with slotted wood panels, acoustical cork wall panels and plywood. The curtains, fabricated in white and beige fabric, add another layer of softness to the space while beautifully capturing the light from the windows. The earthy background was then carefully contrasted with furniture, lights and lush plants that introduced pops of colour in terracotta, red and green hues throughout the space.

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