Loom Club

Location: (Confidential) London
Area: 350 m2
Status: Ongoing
Kasawoo has partnered up with Loom on their startup venture, which is based on their mission to build authentic communities and promote holistic wellbeing in our cities that have been turned on their heads by Covid.

Loom addresses the fact that we have become neighbourhood-based due to remote working. This global change creates a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-imagine how our neighbourhoods deliver the community and wellbeing that we need in a changing world. Their solution is simple yet powerful: a neighbourhood club 15 minutes from home where a local community of members can exercise, co-work and socialize under one roof.

The project is currently in Spatial Coordination phase.

A series of bespoke curtains form the cornerstone of our architectural strategy with an emphasis on programatic flexibility. In addition to being beautiful, stand-alone art pieces in their own rights, these draperies can be reconfigured throughout the day to delineate the open floorplan and to create pockets of semi-private spaces for multiple scales and types of activities to occur.

Other Works

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