Hackney’s Looking Glass

Program:Civic and Public Art
Location: Columbia and Brunswick Wharf, London
Area: -

Status: Competition Proposal, 2021
Client: Antepavilion

Hackney’s Looking Glass is a public art pavilion situated on the roof top of the Columbia and Brunswick Wharf complex, London.

Our proposal reimagines the site as a connector and proposes a playful observation platform for the community. It rethinks the bartizan as a social infrastructure, rather than an element of defence. Four periscopes, designed as independent and movable objects, are strategically arranged on the roof of the site allowing both residents and visitors to see their city in unexpected new ways. The new wooden structure will be painted and then cladded with brushed aluminium panels, allowing the structures to subtly reflect its  immediate context.

While social distancing measures have kept communities apart, they have also reinvigorated our appreciation of public space. Hackney’s Looking Glass responds to our newly awakened collective desire to explore our neighbourhoods and question what it means to truly see our surroundings. By positioning multiple periscopes on the site’s roof, these objects allow for people on the roof, on the street, and on the canal to interact with the collected views simultaneously.


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