Alouminadiko Koffee

Program: Commercial
Location: Zante, Greece
Area: 80 m2

Status: Completed, 2023
Client: Alouminadiko Koffee
Builder: Confidential
Photo Credit: Alessandro Kikinas

Alouminadiko Koffee is a coffee shop refurbishment and extension on the island of Zante, Greece.

We were enlisted to devise innovative ways to expand the capacity of the existing coffee shop. Unlike many local businesses that operate seasonally, Alouminadiko Koffee aspires to serve both locals and tourists throughout the year. Our design aimed to create a flexible space that could adapt to weather changes and customer patterns. A crucial aspect of our approach was to treat each zone in a unified yet distinctive manner. Three floating canopies in the shape of 'O's were strategically attached to the existing building. These canopies provide essential shade during the hot summer months. The street-facing canopy remains open, connecting users to nature, while the side canopy features a glass skylight, creating an enclosed shelter with ample natural light for the rainy and cool winter months. Additionally, a unique umbrella-like canopy covered in sheer canvas was designed and placed at the front. Each canopy provides varying levels of shade and spatial conditions, along with new native plants, creating a microclimate within the coffee shop's premises.

While initial sketches were done on-site, the majority of the design work was conducted remotely through platforms like Whatsapp and Zoom. Thanks to the owner's involvement in construction, the project swiftly progressed from concept to realisation.  Alouminadiko Koffee was built in phases by local craftsmen throughout the duration of nine months.

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